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offenders to the county level, when who struggled with drugs and addiction. local governments are trying to break a cycle that kept state and local facilities crowded for years. >> some problems with sam brock and that story regarding -- sorry for that. we have a problem -- we'll get back to sam brock with that story. we have technical stories. >>> new information reveals that cell phone smuggling is a big problem in california's prisons. the report showed that some phones come from guards and other prison workers. 20 workers have been fired for that offense. one female prison work accused of bearing a inmate's child quit rather than undergo a test. others were caught sending nude photos or love letters on the phones. while romance is a motivating factor, the real motivator is cash. prisoners pay up to $1,000 for each phone. inmates use phones to rung street gangs and other organized crime. 4,000 bucks for a strip club using public funds. leaders of the port of oakland are on the the hot seem. maritime operations direct james kwan racked up a $4500 bill at a houston strip club back in 20
and accompanied to a local hospital with a giants' trainer and team doctor. he will undergee standard ct scan to check for bleeding, and it is likely he has a concussion, but he was doing well considering. from at&t park, amy gutierrez for nbc bay area news. >>> thank you. as for the opponents, the cardinals are truly an incredible story. came back from a 6-0 deficit last night against the washington nationals. beat the nats 9-7 and win the nlcs three games to to. and a home run in the game-winning hit for the cards. >> brian and the ownership group near san francisco has done a great job of setting a great foundation for what this organization is all about and the fan base has been phenomenal in their support, but it's a nice play to play and i definitely learned a lot of things. >> reporter: to it college gridiron. this one hotly contested. 17 stanford, 7, notre dame. into overtime an a notre dame score. stanford tries to punch it in. stopped. fourth and goal, for the game. is he stopped? does he keep going? over the line? the call on the field. a little misangle. is it a stop? the official
. they are often create jobs with so much infrastructure being damaged in the storm. a lot of state and local governments will likely have to put people to work over the next few weeks and months to fix things. raj? >> thank you, scott budman reporting from our news room. in about 20 minutes, we'll go live to new york for an update on the damage. and our political analyst will join us to talk about the impact to the presidential election. tonight at 10:00, a special primetime one-hour report on sandy's fury tonight at 10:00. >>> students protected from sexual harassment under a key federal law. but the investigatetive unit found some bay area principals may not know what it is. >>> and what we uncovered by looking at just the past two years of state records at funeral homes. >>> postage problems in the bay area. what you need to know to make sure your mail-in ballot counts. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury
they they believe the department is moving the right direction and will work to keep opd under local control. >> we don't know what form it will take. obviously i think that the chief's made progress. i don't want his work to be undermined. >> reporter: a federal hearing on this matter is scheduled for december 13. we understand the judge is expected to make a decision on the issue of receivership in december. again, the chief and the mayor believe that the department is on the right course, and they believe they still have time to prove that. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> we will be watching closely. thank you. >>> new at 6:00 tonight, the mother accused of ditching her daughter during a grocery store shoplifting attempt is back in the south bay tonight. 38-year-old marcy keyland was arrested two days after driving away from a market hills supermarket where her 10-year-old daughter waited with a cartload of groceries which weren't paid for. keyland was found in reno with her 11-month-old son and a man who wasn't arrested. police concerned it her mental state were on the lookout
. president obama holed up in nevada brought pizzas to a local campaign office and worked the phones right there with the volunteers and he joked about his debate preparations. >> they're keeping any indoors all the time. it's a drag. they're making me do my homework. >> in my view it's not winning or losing or even the people themselves, the president and myself, it's about something bigger than that. >> reporte governor romney appeared in denver. you can watch the debate. topic is domestic policy and moderator is jim lair. coverage begins at 6:00 tomorrow night. >>> a warning about a popular seafood. it's the details of a costco recall. >>> i'm jeff ranieri. temperatures holding onto the century mark in the east bay and starting to slowly climb on down into south bay right now with plenty of low 90s here across parts of san jose down to campbell. we'll have more on that full forecast in our seven-day in details on when major cooling will arrive in just a few minutes. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to g
involving about 30 local law enforcement agencies and they will be testing out a couple of drones to see how they do in real life situations. or simulations i should say. they cost about $50,000 to $100,000 each. the sheriff says he has looked into a federal grant that promotes community policing to see if that could pay for it here in alameda county. >> interesting concept. thank you, stephanie. >>> horrifying. absolutely horrifying. an antioch crossing card, her child, a parent all injured today by a driver police say was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. police say that driver plowed through the intersection near turner elementary school this morning. it hit a car and three people standing on the corner. the adults were severely injured. the child is expected to recover. the driver and passenger got out and ran. they're amazed that more people weren't hurt by this. >> i was walking to the light where the green thing is, and she saw me and she pushed the button and all of a sudden i hear and feel this right in front of my face. >> reporter: what did you see? >> the car hit them h
the federal government aktsed beyond its authority. barbara parker says they comply with state and local laws and pays its fair share of taxes. she said the suit was filed to protect the rights of legitimate medical marijuana cases. they and that the seizure be stopped and declared illegal. >>> it may be the fourth largest city in the bay area, but it's number one when it comes to the volume of high-tech startups per capita. we're talking about fremont, an east bay city with 217,000 people says it's booming with jobs on the way. stephanie trong is live in fremont. the city actually says there could be work opportunities not just for a few hundred but tens of thousands of people? >> reporter: that number is right. believe it or not after suffering two major blows in this warm springs area with s solyndra south of where we are and newme, we here about job possibilities. city leaders say it's not the proximity to 680 and 880 infrastructure and the fall silts atracking people as well as the fact b.a.r.t. may be here in 2015. the city could see upwards of 0 30,000 jobs in this area in the near fu
at what is being done to make sure they are safe. >> reporter: we found local railways spend millions every year to prevent the tragedies but despite those efforts, it is still happening. there is no easy solution to stopping. >> we'll stand right in front of the train and wait for you to come. >> reporter: it is a reality of the job for those at the helm of a train. >> once you see those there is basically nothing you can do. it's already too late. >> reporter: and not the only ones impacted. take this cal train crash back in may. a man walking along the rails in south san jose was hit and killed by a 200-ton train halting service for nearly an hour. the federal railroad administration tracks accidents happening on interstate rail lines. since 2004 nearly 900 people have died in california. about one-seventh of those happened in the bay area. the problem isn't just interstate rail lines. we looked at our local commuter rails. since 2004 more than 200 people have died. >> do you think it can ever be completely prevented? >> well, i don't know the answer to that. i would hope so. i wou
the alomeda. everything is downstairs or a block away for the local residents. this is what local leaders will get a first look at on saturday. the via amounpartments are luxu homes for techies. >> i work at hp and i like that it's close to work. it's modern inside. >> he moved in a month a ago. he and his neighbors enjoy the fact that the coffee shop is downstairs. and so is light rail. >> it's nice it's got the grocery store, specialties. they have a fish tackle place and i like it. >> you can have your food, your cleaners, your bank. >> that's what the silicon valley leadership group will tell city leaders on its saturday bus tour. they'll visit five different projects hoping to entuesday them to build more across the valley. >> so that people can see what's available, not to rent, not to do any of that. the people we're talking about is planning commissioners, people that are involved in decision making when it comes to high density housing. >> smart growth is what employers are asking for. >> they bring people in from out of the state and they can't oo ford to live here. what's the h
straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> decision 2012, only eight days until election day. for weeks, voters have been bombarded by messages preparing them to cast their ballots. but did you know if you make a simple mistake, your vote may marianneavro is here toell us why your mail-inallot cou get u kicked lot of peopl forget to sign their names onheir ballo envelope. thatay sound simple, but already 179 voters in santa clara county haveone that. and because of that mistake, their votes won't be counted. but there are other mistakes that may also throw your ballot out. in san jose today, they lined up to turn in their mail-in ballots in person because the stakes are high. >> but especially proposition 30, proposition 32, proposition 37, 38, all of the propositions are very important. >> reporter: santa clara county has received 133,000 mail-in ballots so far. this machine scans those ballots and takes a picture of each s
into monday and tuesday. obviously a big impact for the east coast but some impacts for our local airports. >> the storm could cause those travel delays for people here in the bay area. we want to go to sfo for more on what's going on there. hello. >> reporter: and the airport and the airlines are going to be relying a great deal on their experience. they know pre-planning and pre-staging will be key if the storm is to have a significant impact on air travel. the bulk of the responsibility falls to the airlines as they watch the progress of the storm they are going to determine which flights will go on as scheduled and which ones will be cancelled or delayed. they are also looking at how their fares and fees are truck toured. they could be making changes for passengers who may have to change their travel plan. the airlines are waiting to see which airports are affected by the storm and then make designates from that point on. air travellers they can help themselves by staying up to date on the storms and if it's headed for their particular destination. >> then i would go on the internet fo
the driver was employed at a local costume store. he was cited for being in possession of an inert grenade. you are asked to choose halloween costumes carefully this year. be careful where you go and when you put it on. >> we saw the ice cream shops and frozen yogurt places doing record numbers of business. >> a line out the door. i had iced coffee myself today. you know you just down right know it's going to be a hot day here when we're forecasting at the coastline temperatures in the 90s. santa cruz hitting the century mark today. i had to look twice at that number. the official high came in. hot one at the coastline. 94 in san jose. 100 in livermore. 101 in santa rosa. hayward shattered records. old record was 82 in 2009. ten degrees higher than the old number back in the record books. let's get you into our air quality. it's going to suffer as we head throughout the next 48 hours. what you'll notice is it will go from unhealthy to a moderate level here for the south bay and also the east bay. it's a sign of some gradual cooling trying to get in here. what we're going to note is for tue
's not just a global story but a local story. apple to the surprise of many has moved on and continues to thrive without its co-founder. let's bring in our reporter scott budman. >> you are right, raj. steve jobs left a big legacy. all good news for apple fans, investors and the future of silicon value. the bottom line for any company is this, products in the hands of loyal customers. >> we haven't been raesing on our lawyers. >> it's what steve jobs did west and what apple continues to do today. >> there is no question in my mind that apple was totally prepare forward the loss of steve jobs. >> this is iphone 5. >> a year later apple is selling iphones and ipads faster than ever. >> good. i would use it in the future. i'll use it in college. >> it's stock price is up about 70% and technology executives all over silicon valley talk about how jobs influences the way they do business. >> he was so focused. for him, use your experience with a man saying the only thing that mattered. i think there's a lot that every company can learn from that. >> doesn't surprise me that mark zukle berg,
nol. we'll show you the new effort at a local zoo. >>> plus. >> i'm scott budman at the next generation filling station. not for gas. it's for electricity. coming up, how tesla wants to super charge your next car. >>> and it's considered the largest survey of its kind. what it's saying about the lgbt community. back in a moment. >>> if you are an investor, this is not the anniversary gift you were looking for. a rough day for money. scott budman, at least the latest job report showed promise. >> stocks and jobs moved the opposite direction. on the anniversary of the crash -- as diverse as microsoft and mcdonald's, google and ge, lower than expected. all sinking the markets. even after the worst single day drop since june, stocks gained for the week. better news had it comes to jobs. california added 8500 of them last month. the jobless rate fell to 10.2%. more than half of the jobs added led by strength in the tech sector. since the launch, twitter has been a high tech poster child. the company admits it's removing racist and anti-semitic tweets. europe has anti-discriminatio
for many investors. >> be just apple, another local company in our tech headlines. let's bring in business and tech reporter scott budman. >> another busy part of this week, business. so far pretty good. good enough for apple to sell close to 276 27 million ipads. apple revealing it has $121 billion in the bank and it will pay shareholders a dividend of $2.65 a share. as for that stock price, very closely watched in the bay area. it didn't move much after hours,ial though the profit numbers were up. apple investors expected more and that kept the stock bottled up. meanwhile, a rumor got out that apple is planning to launch its own music streaming service sometime next year. pandora's stock tumbled a quick 17% before recovering somewhat in the absence of confirmation from apple. microsoft also unveiling some new products. focusing on your mobile devices with a big launch of a new operating system. >> reporter: the world's best selling tablet, the ipad, is about to face a new challenge. >> here i am running a really high engame. here's my e-mail. here's a u.s. today app. you can see it is be
the orange and black is translating into nice cash for local businesses. >>> and first of its kind, the trial providing hope for an autism cure. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri, we're tracking the latest on hurricane sandy on the east coast that will impact travel across the entire united states throughout next five to seven days. we'll have the full forecast track and latest from the east coast. our next rain is in that 7-day forecast and also going to mean more sierra snow. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. >>> we have a change of scenery for the giants in detroit for the world series, this morning the team b
ahead here. what landed a local scientist the famed noble prize? y . >> also comes up a change in the name of fighting obese is the and california tries to get around the bay area. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising... there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> maybe you have already used one, it is not a cab. >> a stance fpourtation revolution has already started. passengers are pressing smartphones to start cars. you can connect with drivers that know you are going in a particular direction. san francisco based sidecar hooks up drivers using their own cars. >> they are every-day people. >> but with tech companies bettibe getting in the ride share of business, they are putting on the brakes. the company sent outl
. still ahead, an nbc follow-up. a glimmer of hope for local veterans facing eviction. >> a major pharmacy under investigation in california and the connection to prescription refills. >> we told you about a boy being forced to switch schools because after medical condition. now we'll hear from him. what he's saying about the controversy. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >>> a court hearing over which middle school an 11-year-old will attend doesn't normally draw the media. following up on a story last night the parents of coleman shared their story on the "today" show. the family is challenging the school district's decision to transfer coleman out of jordan middle school. he carries the genetic mutation for cystic fibrosis. at issue is a student
carpet gala at the fairmont hotel right after "parenthood." it will be very shi-shi. >> more local news at 7:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
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